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Your Business Online

Inquiry and Sales Funnel… or Money Pit?

You started your online business with specific hopes and objectives. Your purpose may have been to inform people about your business; its activities, and its products and services. You may desire to get leads from new potential customers for what you offer. Or you may want to directly sell your products and services online through your online catalog or e-commerce site.

It’s very likely that your expectations and the results so far have been, well, different than the results, and perhaps quite disappointing. Progresso Consulting is in the business of identifying the underlying challenges you face, and working to improve the results. We help your online business become more worthwhile and profitable.

Our Mission at Progresso Consulting

Serving Our Clients with High Integrity

Our team brings over thirty years of sales and marketing experience, and over fifteen years of IT hardware and software experience to address your situation and needs. We work within “white hat” practices, following best practices and search engine guidelines. We don’t work in questionable practices that are considered “gaming” or that are seen as attempts to unfairly manipulate the search engine results.

We serve businesses large and small to define and streamline the path to their online business objectives. To accomplish this, we consider search engine rankings and work to improve your site’s performance within those results. We look at the design of the site and make changes to improve conversions, and we can apply web analytics tools to track visitor activity and help determine where customers find and lose interest. Finally, we bring you customer relationship management (CRM) solutions that help manage leads, follow-up activity, and repeat sales efforts.

From the moment a user clicks their “search” button to the time they make their first inquiry or purchase with you, Progresso Consulting has a clear understanding of the fundamentals and the nuances involved in the user’s experience. We work with your team to refine your presentation and offering, to optimize them and move you toward your desired results.

Engage us for one service, such as SEO, or work with us through each stage of Online Business Optimization to bring your business and web site into its best potential.

The Online Marketplace

Where is Your Place on the Web?

Let’s see why the constantly growing marketplace we call the Web is worth an investment of your time, effort, and dollars. Progresso Consulting is pleased to provide you with some hard data to consider:

Chart of Internet User Growth Worldwide - Jan. 2008

Worldwide there are about 1.4 billion people using the Web for everything from email, education, shopping, social networking, and a myriad of other activities.

TAM - Total Available Market

Total Available Market in North America via the Web

When we look at how many of those users are in your target market in North America, we can put some numbers to the potential “reach” of your online efforts:

Chart of Internet User Growth Worldwide - Jan. 2008

The number of total users of the Web continues to increase. The latest numbers available are from 2006, showing that over 72% of U.S. households, and 84% of Canadian households, are on the Web.

Narrowing the Numbers

Web Users by Targeted Segments

Practically speaking, some users at work also shop, perform online banking and other tasks through the often faster internet connection from their office computer. Also, some workers bring work home, so may be working with business-related sites from their home computers. The results below are therefore indicative, but not precise.

Business-to-Business (B2B)

Work Web Usage

If your web site targets business users, you’ll want to know something about how these users utilize the internet, and particularly how they use the Web on a daily basis:

United States: Month of October 2008 Average Web Usage at Work
Sessions/Visits Per Person 67
Domains Visited Per Person 120
PC Time Per Person 87:21:35
Duration of a Web Page Viewed 00:00:59
Source: Nielsen Online, November 2008

The average person surveyed used the web at work over 20 hours per week, visited 27 web sites, and spent an average of just under a minute on each web page. Many pages visited were not what the user wanted and they left quickly. Other users found what they wanted and navigated further into the web site to find what they were seeking.

Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

Home Web Usage

People using the internet from home are more likely to be addressing personal interests. They may be researching a topic for school, shopping for gifts, looking for a doctor, or spending time on leisure or video games. Among those who were searching the Web from home, here are the results:

United States: Month of October 2008 Average Web Usage at Home
Sessions/Visits Per Person 35
Domains Visited Per Person 64
PC Time Per Person 37:17:24
Duration of a Web Page Viewed 00:00:53
Source: Nielsen Online, November 2008

The average person surveyed spent over 8.5 hours per week on the Web and visited 14 sites. Viewing time for individual pages was a little less than for users at work.

Addressing Your Challenges

Web Marketing with Progresso Consulting

We’ve given you a top-down view of the internet, showing the growth of “reachable” users on the Web, and the basics of their respective behaviors. The next step is to engage us to define and address these critically important issues regarding your web sales and marketing effort:

Ultimately the major goal of a site owner is to draw in new interest, and further, more new business from the Web. This starts when someone first finds and visits the web site, then accepts what you offer, asking for more information or buying from you. The conversions from visitor to engagement as a customer or potential customer are how you’ll track the success of your web efforts.

On the following pages, we at Progresso Consulting are pleased to provide information on the services we offer, why they’re important to you, and how they will benefit your online business. Please explore the rest of our web site, and click the Contact Us button below to reach us for a consultation and a review of your web site. We’re pleased to be of service.

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