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Realities of SEO

A Few Things to Consider

SEO knowledge is most often acquired by experience and by one-on-one tutelage. Most schools do not have classes in SEO. Web design instructors usually spend a small amount of time on SEO, focusing on just keyword and description meta tags, a small part of the SEO picture. This means most certified web designers do not have the training or experience specific to SEO to do an effective job for your site. You need a professional SEO firm like Progresso Consulting to accomplish your objectives for Search Engine Optimization.

As in other industries, there are some shady operators in the SEO business. Some of them use tricks to try to “game” the search engines to get better rankings, including use of paid links. These practices are outside the best practices guidelines of the major search engines, and should be avoided.

Sometimes we get inquiries from people who have worked with another SEO firm and were disappointed in the results. We take the time to find out what was promised, in what time frame, and for what price. Often they’ve seen a much lower price that seems like a real bargain, yet very often the results will fail and the site owner will feel ripped off.

Performing SEO work is a combination of knowledge, creativity, and labor. Each has value and costs money. We endeavor to quote each project on the realistic expectations we see for the specific search terms, for the competition levels on those terms, and for the amount of effort required by competent SEO professionals.

The search engines are each operated by independent commercial organizations. The ways they interpret your web site and calculate your site’s authority and relevance can change without notice. Progresso Consulting LLC has no power to influence these changes, nor are the search engines required to notify us or the public when changes are made. Our task is to use best practices and follow search engine guidelines to provide the best results we can in a changing environment.

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