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SEO For Larger Companies

Can Larger Firms Afford to NOT to Implement SEO

The Internet is becoming an increasingly crowded place. As more businesses move to the web or increase their presence there, they’re faced with some hard facts:

So how do you get your site to the top positions in the search engines for the whole variety of search terms that people use to find your products?

Hire Progresso Consulting to Do It!

Search Engine Optimization is at the Core of Our Business.

It’s not an add-on sale for us, as it may be with less knowledgeable IT firms or web designers. We’ll discuss your goals, evaluate what’s achievable and what’s not, and give you a reasonable assessment of the time and costs involved.

In the long run you’ll find it less expensive and more effective to work with us to bring your site into the top rankings for selected search terms. You won’t have to pay salary, insurance, and other benefits to someone who may be less qualified. You won’t risk your web-based profitability on a friend of a friend who says he knows how and will do it for cheap. And you’ll have professional interaction, reporting, and accountability.

Search Engines, SEO Plans Evolve

The Web Continues to Change, Bringing New Challenges

When creating their first web sites, many firms saw them as online brochures, and directed customers and prospects to the site for company and product information. Sales on the internet have continued to increase, despite drops in traditional retail and wholesale sales in the brick-and-mortar marketplace in 4Q of 2008. People who do business with your firm want and expect to be able to interact with your firm through your web site to find, inquire about, and buy what you’re offering. Offering anything less gives these people a good reason to look elsewhere.

As our client, we work with you to target specific product lines and products, and we research how your potential customers look for your products online. We then determine how to meet the flow of searchers, plan the SEO work and help to deliver the best Return On Investment (ROI) for your online efforts.

Progresso Consulting LLC has the resources to provide you with top notch SEO services. We also can provide an experienced review of your web site and propose “remodeling”, from minor tweaks to total redesign. These changes will improve the visitor s’ experience of a visit to your site; enhancing ease-of-use, better navigation, and improving inquiry capture and conversion.

Contact us today to discuss your site and how we may meet your needs.

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