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SEO For Smaller Companies

Can Small Firms Afford SEO?

You’ve put good, hard-earned money into creating a web site, yet you’re not seeing the number of visitors or the number of conversions you were hoping for. You know that you need something, yet is SEO the answer for you?

Simply put, where your goals and target markets are realistic and well matched, SEO may be the right answer for you. Performing optimization for local search by targeting local searchers in or near your home city or town works well, using search terms like “bakery Virginia Beach”. Localized search terms will have less competition, and will be more affordable. This is ideal for firms that provide a product or service locally, such as:

Doctors Landscapers
Chiropractors Car Dealers
Local Retailers Repair Shops

Small businesses that try to reach a national audience with their web site must face the reality that there is so much more competition on the web for national search terms. Searching nationally takes place when there are no names of localities among the words the user types into the search box.

More Relevant Means Competition

The First Twenty Ranking Positions for Web Sites are GOLDEN

When you use a search engine to find something on the web, how deeply into the search results do you look? Do you stop at Page One? Or do you take a look at Page Two as well? Most searchers stop there, and don’t look further onto Page Three and beyond of the search results.

Whether searches are local or national, there are still just ten slots on Page One of the search engine results, and ten slots on Page Two. What changes is how many other sites are considered when that search term is used. Some sites have been on the web for years, and others may already have search engine optimization work performed on their site. These factors add to the more competitive nature of national search.

How does this affect a small business? If the business is targeting a national audience and wants to compete for the top positions in search engine results, it will cost far more to perform that SEO work than it would to target local search. If yours is a small business hoping to market nationally on the web, plan on bringing a substantial budget to the table.

What’s The Little Guy To Do?

Strategies for Small Business with Small Budgets

Many small business owners have more time than money. If this describes you, we suggest reading books on SEO as well as taking online classes that show you the ins and outs. This will not necessarily give your industry secrets, but will give you a good working knowledge of SEO that will be adequate for most sites.

For new sites or sites with limited budgets, we suggest using online tools to find search terms appropriate for your site. Use Google AdWords or Yahoo Sponsored Search to build a Pay-Per-Click campaign. Read what you can, and understand this will be a trial and error process with an extended learning curve. Build on what works and expand from there.

If you have a budget in the thousands of dollars per year to place toward Search Engine Optimization of your web site for the natural search results, please contact us. Progresso Consulting LLC will work with you to discuss your goals and expectations, and we will be pleased to prepare a proposal for you.

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